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Internet of Things and IOT Country Approval during COVID-19

In a world suffering under the grip of a deadly pandemic (COVID-19), innovative technology is the key to progress.

The Internet of Things  (IoT)  (and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)) provides unique opportunities to tackle the challenges of a society in lockdown. The growing need for wireless connectivity and IoT services goes hand in hand with an increase in demand for regulatory and IoT country approval. More than ever, technical and regulatory knowledge of the latest wireless technology (e.g., 4G5GNBIoT, Wifi)  is essential for successful IoT product development.

It is our mission to guide you from product design to successful market access by ensuring your unique product is compliant with country-specific requirements and standards (CE, FCC, IC, MIC, ANATEL, etc. ).

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We believe our extensive regulatory knowledge combined with your product commitment will ensure a pleasant and efficient experience on our shared path to IoT country approval. 

IoT Consulting Partners is your guide to the market. 

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IoT Consulting Partners guides its customers in making their dreams come true. We are there to assist at every stage, from the initial IoT product design to the final completion of the product and the acquisition of the required country approval. In addition, we are able to mass produce your IoT design. This makes our services one of the most comprehensive on the market.

We also offer on-line Q&A seminars, which cover various topics connected with the product development process. You can also keep yourself up-to-date by visiting our frequently updated blog.

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