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IoT Consulting Partners offers you guidance and consultancy services covering from wireless product design to market approval.

Product development and compliance guidance to market access

From idea to product realization. All matters. IoT Consulting Partners are available to assist you. A joint project kickoff meeting will determine your wishes and the level of guidance you look for in the first place.
IoT Consulting Partners assists in product design, wireless integration, manufacturing, regulatory guidance, compliance testing, and final certification. This unique parallel approach results in efficiency and shorter time to market.
You are ready to hit the market!

Regulatory Consultancy

At any time between product design and market access or country approval, questions will pop up. Compliance with the required country, wireless, EMC, safety, or medical regulations is complicated. Our regulatory consultancy service covers the globe (e.g., CE (Europe), FCC (U.S.A), IC (Canada), MIC (Japan), NOM (Mexico), BIS (India).

Moreover, are you looking for a speaker or trainer for IoT quality and regulatory-related topics, then let us get in touch!
A dedicated training matching your requirements is provided to you, your team, or customers.

Document guidance and approval service

No matter what your target market is. We will assist you and realize it in our approval service. A part of Product Compliance is the generation and availability of the Technical Construction File. The TCF contains documents as electronic schemes, manuals, reports, DoC, etc. The contents need to be in line with the specific country requirements to achieve the country's approval. IoT Consulting Partners guides and assists you in collecting this documentation to reach the final country approval.
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Compliance testing
Compliance testing guidance

Every product is unique and requires a unique way of compliance testing to the EMC, RF, Safety, or Medical requirements. These day's product developers integrate an off the shelve wireless module with the wrong assumption that compliance of the wireless module will result in compliance with the end product.
IoT consulting Partners will guide you with the compliance testing at accredited labs based on a dedicated product-specific issued test plan.
Avoid unwanted surprises as non-compliances before and after product launch.

Why IoT Consulting Partners

Stepping into the world of Internet of Things (IoT) results in technical and regulatory surprises. We have been able to find the most optimized 1-stop-shop solution with professional guidance covering the whole scope.

IoT Consulting Partners services you from product design to country approval. 

The route to compliance and market approval start at the design phase. By offering a complete development package an unique approval service is offered.

What You Get

IoT Consulting Partners only works with the best in the field of IoT design, compliance and market approval.

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