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Our Mission

“IoT Product Compliance is Your Market Access”.

Your Internet of Things (IoT) device is the future. Ironically compliance testing procedures and wireless regulations and approvals can often feel like remnants of the Stone Age.

After building up a global portfolio of experience in the TIC industry over the last twenty years we officially launched IoT Consulting Partners Ltd. in October 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan.  We assist and guide you from the initial wireless product design stage, right up to obtaining your final required market access approval—a truly 21st century way of working.

Your project starts with a joint on line product and compliance identification meeting with all the required industry partners. In the second phase, the realisation of the proof of concept, we generate a test plan which will streamline the process of completing the project and passing compliance guidance procedures, bringing you right to your final market access. 

Our mutual goal is clear! 

Achieving the best design, functionality, and user experience, and obtaining the final IoT GoGlobal market access! 

IoT Compliance

Michel Wouters van den Oudenweijer
CEO and Founder

Industry Partners

Traceable Experiences

Our network consists of top experts in all fields of wireless product design and product compliance.

The guidance, information, and solutions we provide to our customers allow them to maximise the efficiency of their workstreams and optimise the quality of their IoT product. We reduce both the time needed to obtain product compliance and get to market and also the costs needed to achieve this. 

Compliance is Your Market Access

Our Core Values

IoT CP has 20 years of experience in Product Design, Manufacturing, Compliance testing (Wireless, EMC, Safety Testing), Inspection, and  Product Certification. Your customer buying points have our priority.  

Important! Honesty, Efficiency, and fun! It is teamwork, and together, we get it realized!

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