CellAED achieves CE certification

CellAED CE certification

CellAED achieves CE certification. Wireless and Medical come together in CellAED. A great teamwork between all partners. “We have done it!”.

IoT Consulting partners is proud to be part of the realisation of this life changing product and being a part of making Rapid Response Revival (RRR) dream come true: “Realising CellAED achieves CE certification”.

“I would like to thank you for all the hard work and diligent effort that you have put in assisting Rapid Response Revival to achieve our first ever regulatory approval (CE marking under two European Regulations (CE MDD and RED)). It was your team’s persistent hard work and research that have awarded us a rewarding result.”

Pradeep Kuriyakkott
Chief Compliance Officer

(source: Letter of Appreciation RRR to IoT Consulting Partners May 26th. 2021)

By having the cellAED compliant to the appropriate European regulations, the following news has been published by Rapid Response Revival.

[SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA] Wednesday, May 26 2021: Privately-owned medical device start-up, Rapid Response Revival (RRR) has secured CE Certification for its marquee product, the world’s first personal AED (automated external defibrillator), CellAED.

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