IoT Consulting Partners Pitch Deck 2021


Bury the remnants of the stone age, IoT Consulting Partners releases there first Pitch Deck.

The year 2021 is 2,5 months on its way. A lot has happened. Covid-19 has the world still in headlock and Countries are in lockdown. We are guessing and thinking: “Summer holiday abroad or at home, buy a house or not, and is bitcoin a missed opportunity?”.

The industry has changed, Covid-19 has accelerated the need for wireless solutions. For 2027 a market value of more than US$ 1,500 Bln. (CAGR 24,6%) is expected concerning these Internet of Things devices. Medical, Automotive, Industry, education etc.. We all want the same! Chips!

Chips? A new challenge! Components are skyrocketing, where do we go? Before “Cash is King”, now, “today have the stuff, tomorrow the winner”

Everything is changing and all of us are challenged. We need to be flexible and creative.

Let us bury the remnants of the stone age. Thinking out of the box never kept us in the box. IoT Product Compliance is hot and we make it sexy!

How IoT Consulting Partners achieves to do this? The Pitch will give you the full surprise.

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