Startup package 3G testing


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The following conditions apply:

  • Prices only applicable for testing on a final Internet of Things host device containing a CE compliant and FCC/IC-certified module;
  • Measurements are in line with the European Directive 2014/53/EU and pre-testing¬† only;
  • Only partly testing in line with article 3.2 of the directive is performed;
  • As an outcome measurement results will be supplied only;
  • The test plan is based upon FCC / CE compliant integrated radio modules and at time of integration meeting the modular conditions (antenna, co-existence, usage)¬† as mentioned in the affiliated FCC Grants, CE test reports etc…
  • The test packages do not cover testing to the full standards and are an indication only. No rights can be derived for final compliance or certification unless agreed.
  • As pre-testing is performed on pre-production samples and only cover a part of the essential requirements, no final assumption can be issued concerning the conformity.
  • Samples should be provided with Radio test modes and antenna connectors. *We will contact you when having placed the order.

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