Iot Consulting Partners 2014/53/EU Compliance Test Plan

IoT Consulting Partners 2014/53/EU test plan

With the 2014/53/EU Compliance Test Plan, you will know from phase 1 of your product design what is required for product compliance. Compliance with the essential requirements and the availability of the TCF is a big part of the directive; however, it will not end there. You want to conquer the world with your unique product!

Compliance can be a maze also when integrating a compliant radio module. Generating a dedicated Test Plan focusing on your product is essential.

In the first phase of your product design, IoT Consulting Partners generates the test plan. The test plan will result in a clear overview you need for successful regulatory market access. Or successful investment rounds, efficient product design, etc. etc.. There are many examples why a 2014/53/EU Compliance Test Plan will be beneficial for your future market development.

Contents of the test plan

A test plan issued by IoT Consulting Partners covers the following steps:

  • Product analyzing based on an intake meeting;
  • Determining the Test strategy;
  • Agreeing about the Test objectives;
  • Selecting test criteria based on the regulation;
  • Resource planning;
  • Determining the test environment, accredited or not;
  • Discuss with the client the most optimized schedule;
  • Deliver a global estimation and the final deliverables.

What makes us unique?

At IoT Consulting Partners, the Compliance phase starts with the product design. Exclusive cooperation between accredited test houses, product developers, manufacturers, accelerators, venture capitals makes this happen.

How many times is happens that in the last stage of product design, major regulatory non-compliances on Safety, health, EMC, or radio pop-up? Non-compliance can result in expensive re-testing or even complete re-design. These costs can vary from a couple of 1.000 US$ to multiple 10.000 US$ or even entire project cancellation. Dreams can suddenly end.

Do not safe money on compliance as this will be the fundamental of your castle that you are building.

Europe is one of the significant markets for startups. The compliance with the assistance of the 2014/53/EU Test Plan will be your vehicle to reach the world.

Interested in our test plan? Have a look in our shop and let’s get started! Your success starts here at IoT Consulting Partners!

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