Canada Authorised Representative service


Canada Authorised Representative service

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Do I need a Canada Authorised representative when putting my IoT product on the Canadian market?

Yes, A Canadian Authorised representative is required when the applicant’s company address is not within Canada. The applicant shall provide a signed Application and Agreement for Certification Services in which the details of the company representative in Canada shall be clearly identified. The Canadian representative shall be responsible for responding to all enquiries from ISED regarding the certified product(s), including providing audit samples at no charge to ISED. The applicant shall have a valid Application and Agreement for Certification Services for as long as the certified product is offered on the Canadian market.

The fees include post-Certification audit sample requests from ISED, which involves correspondence with ISED and shipping of the test sample to ISED by the Canadian representative. The applicant is required to ship the test sample and supporting documents to the Canadian representative and they will forward to ISED. Please note that the service fee does not include shipping costs between the applicant, Canadian representative and ISED. The applicant will be requested to provide the Canadian Representative with a preferred courier and account number. ISED allows 4 weeks from date of sample request to receipt of audit samples at their facility.

This service is offered in cooperation with Canadian Certification Consulting Inc.

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