What are the requirements for RF module integration?

RF Module

CE compliance! But what are the requirements for RF module integration? The previous blog gives a detailed overview of compliance with the European regulations. It is most common that IoT devices contain an already regulatory compliant RF module. Modules in Compliance with country regulations as CE, FCC (USA), SIRIM (Malaysia), ANATEL (Brasil), Japan (MIC), etc. are vital for an RF module manufacturer to be successful.

Integrating pre-compliant radio modules in the manufacturer’s final product is of course convenient. He can focus on his goal. Designing and developing a radio module from scratch is where we can rely on the experts as Broadcom, SigFox, Qualcomm, Wistron. By deciding which module to integrate into the end product, you have not only selected the IoT network your device will use but also the intended use relating to power consumption, range etc..

Final product compliance with module integration

Final regulatory product compliance based on an integrated, compliant RF module is a common misunderstanding. A module compliant to the essential requirements of the countries regulation does hardly ever cover the final product. However, this does not mean that full compliance testing is required when integrating a compliant RF module. Integrating a compliant module has a lot of advantages.

The RF module is essential in this day’s consumer product but also only a part of the final product. Radio modules have evolved during the years. Onboard voltage regulators, integrated antenna generally try to ensure that the radio phenomena stay the same no matter of their host. You can refer to most RF spectrum measurements on a modular level for compliance.

It is the final product that needs to comply with the regulations. Aspects as health, safety can not be covered on a modular level.

But what are the requirements for RF module integration?

As guiding, in the first place, IoT Consulting Partners have issued a guideline for RF module integration with CE compliance. The information in this document is a digest from the REDCA compliance associations findings, TGN 01.

Different geographic areas do have various regulations concerning RF module integration. Uncover these multiple regulations is the goal of the test plan generated by IoT Consulting Partners. We inform you in the first phase of your product design what country regulatory rules you need to be aware of. At an early stage, being aware of these regulations in your IoT design is crucial. Not only will you avoid unwanted surprises (non-compliances, exceeding costs) but also a more successful compliance route within your specified budget.

The unique service of IoT Consulting Partners. Not only Know from phase 1 what is coming your way in compliance but also implement this in in an early stage in your product design.

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